Ruben Garmyn & Jim Birtola | Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty

Ruben Garmyn and Jim Birtola are the forces behind High Desert Realty, award-winning Central Oregon real estate team.

Marketing, advertising and a strong work ethic run in their veins. Jim’s software engineering and management background makes him uniquely poised to stay on the forefront of real estate technologies. Not only will he sell your house, but he’ll put the latest in marketing and advertising tech to use to get it done efficiently!

Ruben’s background and training in architecture, coupled with work ethic earned from military and police service, also influences how he gets top dollar for Bend, Oregon homes, not mention manages his property management and home repair companies.

Together with Andrew Ellis, Ruben Garmyn and Jim Birtola are entirely dedicated to listing and selling homes, so you know they’re focused on your real estate goals, and their client concierge team will take care of you along the way. Altogether their work has paid off, ranking this team in the top 250 in the nation.

Guaranteed Sale with Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty

High Desert Realty’s dedicated team of home selling experts take a unique approach to Central Oregon real estate. Ruben Garmyn and Jim Birtola won’t buy your home if it doesn’t sell, rather they’ll bring their tried and true marketing skills to the table and guarantee that their approach will sell your home.

It’s not just any marketing budget that makes the program successful. Their budget numbers in the tens of thousands, with a return on investment in the billions.

What’s best about their take on Guaranteed Sale is the cancel-anytime policy. The Easy Exit Listing agreement means you can step away if you find a buyer or take advantage of lower fees when the Birtola Garmyn team does.

Contact the Birtola Garmyn team today to sell your home, with commissions starting at just 2%.

Find out what your Bend OR home is worth, instantly and for free.